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Susan C. Small, playwright, poet, producer, recording artist and author was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica in September of 1980. She migrated to the United States at the age of 3. Educated in the Philadelphia School District, Susan attended John Bartram High School where she majored in creative and performing arts and was immediately introduced to The Philadelphia Youth Theatre by her English teacher and mentor Jeanette Jimenez. Through the Philadelphia Youth Theatre, Susan was afforded the opportunity to perform at the well respected Society Hill Playhouse in  number of productions. 


Susan C. Small, an award-winning playwright, has written and produced plays for sold out audiences since 2010.  Known for her meticulously rehearsed, Broadway-quality productions, she founded S. Charli Productions with a mission to increase diversity in theater.

In 2015, S. Charli Productions Inc. produced their first children's musical, Princess Nylah and the Journey to the Magic Window, to a sold out audienceand would continue to do so for the next four years, while growing a following and receiving rave reviews.

Inspired by the success of the stage play, Susan penned her first children's fairy taleof the same name, with the hopes of spreading the magic of this story worldwide.


​A proud mother of four, Susan continues to use her creativity to effect positive change and growth in her community by inspiring others to discover and live out their purpose and find their MAGIC!

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