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Once upon a time (4 years ago) in a land not so far away (my bedroom) I was sitting with my three daughters watching one of our favorite animated movies. When the movie was over my girls and I began sharing our favorite moments in all the movies that we spent hours of family time watching, singing along, and dancing with and noticed a troubling trend not just in the lack of representation but in the lack of marketing of our characters of color in comparison to their white counterparts. 


After a few moments my girl in the middle very confidently says "You should write one, Mommy!" Before I could object she was joined by the other two very excitedly suggesting that I could write a production centered around a BLACK princess! 

I grabbed my notebook and instantly went to work, with the help of my girls, crafting the Princess Nylah character, her world, her friends and her foes! With the help of my eldest daughter, who wrote the music for the production, a very well known illustrator and a host of creative minds, I crafted what would be the greatest story and character that I ever created! 

Princess Nylah and the Journey to the Magic Window would go on the sell out EVERY show as hundreds of children of every ethnicity experienced the magic of this vibrant story. 

After seven sold out productions, I finally decided to solidify the legitimacy of the Princess Nylah brand by translating the stage play into an illustrated children's book! 

This has been a wonderful journey thus far and I excitedly, with the help of my creative team and family continue to push this brand to the limitless possibilities. This princess belongs to US and she is MAGIC! 

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