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Updated: Jan 1, 2020

From the first kick in the middle of the night, ridiculous cravings for food you've never eaten before, to eyes peering through the bottom of the bathroom door while you try to have one of the most basic private moments - motherhood makes it clear that you no longer belong to yourself. You've stepped into this life-changing role and now it feels like absolutely NOTHING belongs to ONLY you. At first it's cute - they need you and you enjoy being needed so deeply. Your bedroom becomes their suite, bathroom becomes their spa, kitchen littered in bottles or colorful baby bowls. This space belongs to US now. You're basking in this new shared life and space - out of my body and into my world! After awhile you find that you no longer feel like yourself. YOUR things get lost in the sea of blankets and toys that eventually, as they get older, evolves into books, shoes, and clothes.


i needed a space to Be still, be quiet and be me - the me that had nothing to do with role as their mom. I decided to bring more of myself to my most sacred bedroom.


My children are teenagers but just as needy!

I began this mission without any real vision for the outcome in mind. I just knew that I wanted to surround myself with things that made me feel like myself and created a sense of peace and clarity.

Now, for the record I am ALWAYS on a serious mommy budget so I made it work within that budget and paced myself spreading the project up over time. Here are some simple tips and finds that helped me make room for myself. i started with asking myself how I wanted my space to make me feel when I was in it - that was more important that just the aesthetic.


Choose color schemes based on the mood that brings you the most tranquility.

"Rich jewel- toned hues help set the mood of coziness and comfort."

I chose deep matte navy blue.

I chose a dark blue matte paint to add some warmth to the space. I also tried to create different sitting areas depending on how I needed the space to serve me in that moment. Whether I need to sit and center myself or focus on creating for my business, this space serves both purposes.

#2 - Add a few of your favorite things.

Your bedroom is the perfect space to express yourself.

In my creative corner I have my vintage mint green typewriter and a vase of artificial peonies. I plan to treat myself to real ones when they are back in season and less expensive! Hanging over my reading chair are this black and white paintings of a rainy day in Paris. I LOVE RAINY days! One day I'll book a trip but for now I enjoy gazing at these paintings and creating stories about the the people in them.

#3 REST!

Seems simple enough but can be the most difficult thing at times. Rest doesn't always equate sleep. Rest is also the absence of work and worry.

I got rid of my old head board and opted to create a simple DIY canopy using two curtain rods and some inexpensive curtains I found at ROSS.

I created a home inside of my home. I became intentional about my peace and rest. There are nights that I invite my girls to cuddle with me while snacking and watching Netflix and other times I steal away all by myself with my fav white candles from Target and let my imagination drift.

2020 is almost here so let's love on ourselves MAGICAL MOMMIES! MAKE ROOM FOR YOU!

With Love,


Hi my name is Susan Charli! I'm a mommy of 4 trying to figure my way back to myself and my magic by sharing my stories good and bad. Thank you for taking this magical journey with me!

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